Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A new direction?

As much as I love my huge raider bomb I have tried out a replacement at the shop today and so far the results are promising. Instead of Termies+LRC+Cassius+Libby I'm now trying out Khan and a full bike squad with 2 flamers, Attack bike and a power weapon. This comes in at slightly less points but allows me to re-jig my list quite a bit.

Because I know have another troop choice I have dropped a tactical squad (I'm not a fan of these guys, they just seem like point filler to me) and got myself a Terminator squad with a cyclone launcher that can either Depp Strike or Outflank as the situation demands as well as another Auto/Las Predator.

I have only used this in a couple of games but the combination of a massive bike squad and deep striking terminators has caught people off gaurd. A game against a Suit heavy Tau list was a close run thing. My reserves came in late meaning that the rest of my army was blown to bits and couldn't really help out my fresh squads. Such is the gamble of reserves, I'll have to see if it pays off...

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