Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bat reps 2

Battle numero dos last night was against Paul, a Salamander player. I have to say they are soon becoming the new Ultramarines *shudder*.

Anywho, Paul has a very nice looking army and a great converted Vulkan that I dont have pictures because I FORGOT THE CAMERA! His army like this:


Terminator Libby with Gate of Infinity and Vortex

3 Drop Pods

2 HF/MM Land Speeders

3 Tactical Squads all melta's up

2 Rhinos

TH/SS Termies.


Iron Clad

Thunderfire Cannon with 1 Servitor

We rolled pitched battle and Annihlate. Nice and simple.

He won the roll off and went first, he set up in the centre of the board with the Vindicator and Thunderfire in a small ruin on to one side of the board that he reinforced with the techmarine. I was a bit wary of the Drop Pods so I chose to deploy nothing but my Tactical Squad in their Rhino on a hill on my far right. A nice tempting target for his army to go after. I wasn't sure if he would go for it but the plan worked, his Iron Clad and Tactical Squad came down close enough to the Rhino to put the hurt on it but all he managed to do was take off the Storm Bolter.

On My turn 2 I got both of my Predators which I brought on in the middle of my deployment zone, a lonely Typhoon, my Terminators and my Bikes, a good result.

At this point I'd like to point we had to rush the game because the store was closing so here are is the edited version: A very messy game, The bikes got through the Thunderfire, Servitor, Vindicator and Tactical Squad before dying, the Termies got really shot up and didn't do much apart from killing the Librarian. The game ended 7-6 to me, it was a close run thing and very messy.

Still I'm loving this new list :)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

...the bat reps.

I forgot the feckin camera. I have a brain like a sieve some times. I only put it down to grab a drink gah!

Anyway I did take the time to remember the games in a bit more detail so I can give you a written summary. Boring I know but I haven't had much to write about recently. My list for both the following games was this:

Khan on Moondrakken

Terminator Squad with Cyclone

3 x Typhoons

Tactical Squad
Missile Launcher
Teleport Homer
Rhino w/EA

Bike Squad
Full Squad
2 x Flamer
Power Weapon
MM Attack Bike

2x Predator w/lascannon sponsons.

A strange list I know but its gone 4 games undefeated so far (now that I have said that loosing streak can start...)

Game 1 VS Matt's Eldar

My old adversary. He normally kicks my arse with his mech list which is like this:


2 Waveserpents


2 Prisms

Fire Dragons



and a small Jetbike squad for the Autarch

We rolled Capture and Control and Dawn of War, joy...

I won the roll off and opted to go second. He set most of his stuff on the board. I put down the Tactical Squad in two squads with the combat half in the rhino that camped on the objective, the ML half sat in the ruins right next to it. After a fairly dismall round of shooting Matt ended the turn with everything on the table, the Grav Tanks were lined up at the centre of the board ready to meet my reserves with the Fire Prisms a bit further back. On my turn I brought everything on apart from the bikes and termies and over the next two turns took apart most of his tanks and the occupants.

Turn two saw the arrival of my terminators, they deepstriked at the back of the Eldar, a risky move that almost saw them fly off the board but they landed and put a rocket into a Prism. They did get charged by the Aurtarch and co and they were wiped out (I couldn't roll a 2 to save my life :( ). Next turn however Khan and his boyz show up via outflank, they then promptly eat up the the squad over the next two turns.

From turn three onwards the stranded passengers of the wrecked wave serpents make a move on my objective (Matts was unclaimed for the whole game) but are promptly seen off by half a Tactical Squad and the Typhoons. The Bikes finish off the Jetarch and drive to Matts objective (yay for bikes as troops!) on the way they melta another Prism. Then everything seemed to go wrong! Eldrad and his posse of Dire Avengers come sashaying out of their Wave Serpent, cue guide, doom and Bladestorm. I watched Matt stack all those wounds together and I start to allocate out these wounds. Quite a crowd had gathered at the table by now (we were the only game going at the time) and they all watched in suspence as I rolled each model's saves. I passed the saves for Khan, the Sargent, the Attack Bike and a flamer but I lost 6 bikes!

The rest of the game was me basically mopping up but the game ended 1-0 to me and a crushing blow to Matt's ego. It was a fun game but I'm in no hurry to give him a rematch, I'm going to savour the win.

I'll give my thoughts on the game and the second Bat Rep tomo, right now I'm tired so it will have to wait. More to come!

Bat reps tonight!

Ok I have "bring the feckin camera!" ingrained into my head so expect some awesome battle reports or failing that some blurry pics of stuff you had to be there to understand...