Friday, 27 November 2009

I has mah battlewagon!!!!111

Nothing else to say. I'll get it built and painted asap and then throw them on here :)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

An epic fail.

My Orks are undefeated (so far, I hasten to to add) but that same can't be said for my usualy successful Space Marine army. Tonight I'm recovering from a severly bruised ego that I recieved from an Eldar player at the store. I don't think so many 1s have been rolled in a game ever. 3 Terminators fell to 10 Gaurdians shooting, it was diabolical and I was 1 Rhino + Squad away from getting tabled, it was ugly.

Back to the Marine drawing board me thinks...

A new idea for a mission.

I have an idea for a mission from watching Fritz and Jawaball's coverage of a tourney in America. It's a version of anihlation where you pick 4 things out of the enemy army and they are all that counts as kill points.

This opens up a whole number of new tactical descisions. Do you go for the easy kills of the rhinos? If so you'll get hammered by the real killy units that you should probably kill anyway. It adds another layer to the game and I'll try and experiment with it tonight at the gw.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Battlewagon loadouts

In about a weeks time I'll be getting my first Battle wagon and I've been thinking about how to equip it. Obviously this won't be the same as the wagons I use in my final list. Right now I need some good long range firepower. So I was thinking of a Killkannon, kannon and an 'ard case. This should give me some fairly cheap high strength shots to throw around the table.

What do you think?

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Made up scenarios

The three pre made scenarios in the rulebook do provide a bit of variety for games but sometimes you need something completly different. I played a game a few weeks ago against a guard player and we managed to use the shop's lotr display board which convieniantly had a large wall section from a fortress. We decided that the objective was for the attackers to get one unit behind the wall at game end. There was a gate in the wall but we decided that the wall was AV13 and any glance or pen would bring a section down. I defended withmy marines but ultimatley lost because his Devildog brought a piece of wall down and snuck in.

Last week was the GW Christmas party. There they had the White Dwarf who was stupidly hard and had rules for all three game systems. This led to some interesting rule clahes but it was all good fun. Everyone took one model and whoever killed the White Dwarf won a prize from under the tree. I of course took my SAG mek, was there realy any other option? ;)

First turn I span up the gun and rolled a double 6! I couldn't believe my luck, I could wipe out the Dwarf and everything in contact with him (remember, WHFB people charge in the movement phase). But no, the Mek was obviously looking at the whirring know-whats and ended up blasting a Chaos Lord on a Dragon into the warp! I didn't kill the Dwark but it was so worth it to see the look on his face.

Competative-ness aside, these original scenarios and games are half the fun of 40k, go and create some and play them, try and make it fair and remember to KISS!

Monday, 16 November 2009

Some of da boyz.

Here are a few pictures I have of my painted minis as promised. These are just a few and I still have a long way to go for a fully painted army.

Here ya go!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Deffcoptas to the rescue!

Sorry about not posting for a while. Uni work and a camera on the blink has stopped me doing much to the blog for the past few days but here is a lil' post for you all.

I'm not sure why people don't much like Deffcoptas. When I use them they usualy do great. Dropping bombs on packed infantry, taking out light armour like Landspeeders and Vypers. Sure they don't hit most of the time and they are a little bit pricey but Turbo Boosting halfway across the board to contest an objective for the win is awesome. A bit of Fritz inspired "Turn five, I win". I like the strategy of holding my objective and contesting the others and I think it's the way forward. For one thing you don't need to take so many troops which lets you have lots of fun with all the other cool toys in a codex because lets face it, the troops section isn't the bit you look forward to reading.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A decision!

I'vecome to a decision on the whole Warbikers vs Lootas thing. With help from the people over on Heresy I've decided to go with Lootas for 2 main reasons. Firstly, they will do more damage, especialy against Meqs and transports. Thirdly, they will be bigger in size and in cover and so more durable. I will miss the flexibility of the Warbikers but the more I think about it ther more the Lootas look like a better idea.

Pics from the store.

An Executioner about to put the hurt on some Mehreens.

The store's Baneblade, I was messing around with the zoom function on my camera, this was actualy realy far away and it still turned out ok. Awesome model though, might have Ork one up.

This guy tried to claim an objective with Sky Claws. Sun Tzu eat your heart out.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Finaly, I have some time to write a Batrep, with pictures!

I've finaly managed to find some time between revision, essays and life to write a Batrep, luckily for this game I also had my camera.

It was Orks Vs Eldar again. Same opponent but he had made some tweeks to his list:

Doom/Fortune Farseer

2 Dire Avenger Squads

Striking Scorpions

2 Vypers

1 Warwalker

5 Pathfinders

4 Jetbikes with a Shuricannon.

I chose to keep my list the same (more lack of models than anything else.) We rolled annihilate and pitched battle and I lost the roll off.

He his Scorpions, Walker and one squad of DA and a Vyper in reserve. Pathfinders went into cover with a Farseer and remaining DA in cover on the other side of the board with the Vyper in the middle.

I didn't realy have much choice with my deployment because of my large numbers but I loaded up with Boyz on my right and sat my SAG in cover attached to my Shoota Boyz in cover for some ablative wounds because I know from experiance how juicy a target my Mek is. Deffcopters were on the left with a mission to hunt the Vypers and the Boss was going to make a bee line for the Farseer, just so that I could crump him.

I failed to steal the initiative but that didn't seem to cost me much, Eldar moved up and caused some small damage to the Slugga Boyz. I moved up aswell and did some small damage back.

Second Turn, the Scorpions and Walker turns up right near the Shoota Boyz but fail to get into combat. Pathfinders put the hurt on the Nobz. On my Turn the SAG blows himself up and takes two Orks with him (double 1s are epic fail). Nobz Charge the lone Vyper and only manage to immobilise it (they were hitting on 6s and I was banking on my Boss' PK to lay the hurt, he didn't roll more than a 4!).

Scorpions then take a bite out of the Shoota boyz but ultimatley loose. DA use Bladestorm on the doomed Nobz causing a few wounds (TGF FNP!)and then get charged by the Boss.

Slugga Boyz Charge the Jetbikes and wipe them out.

The Warwalker gets a Klaw to the goolies courtesy of the Shoota Boy Nob.

The DA and Farseer bolt in the face of the Orks' betterness. They couldn't rally because the Boss was too close and they run off the table.

This last picture describes the end of the game:

Although, Jams last bit of revenge happened just after this pic was taken. His Pathfinders shot at the Nobz and my Warboss snuffed it! The game ended on turn 6, 6-2. I'll have to avenge my Warboss' death though...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New header!

I have a new header for the site made by Varakir over on Heresy. Thank you very much Varakir.

Bat Rep to follow later!

Monday, 2 November 2009

I need pictures...

This blog is looking a bit bland. I have been taking pictures of battles and models and I promise I'll get them up as soon as I find my card reader.

In other news I have been getting some feed back on the whole Lootas/Warbikers question from the people over on Heresy and I think I will be leaning towards the Lootas (as I expected). I'll get a full 1500pt list up soon but the first step is to get a good 1000pt list seeing as the trend at my local GW has been towards smaller games. My current 1000pt list hasn't lost a game, yet (out of 4, bat reps to follow) but it doesn't feel quite right. For example, I realy want a Battle wagon!