Friday, 26 November 2010

Upcoming doubles Tournament

My local GW is holding a doubles tourney in two weeks and me and Steve have decided to team up, his flegling Tyranid army with my Tau. Its 500 points per player with 1 Force Chart between us. Given that Steve will have the HQ and 2 troops covered with a Tervigon and lots of Termigants, this leaves me with 500 points for pure Tau killyness with an option for up to 20% of my team mates unused points.

My plan is this:

1 Broadside with ASS + Team Leader + Shield Drone 80

1 Broadside with ASS + Team Leader + Shield Drone 80

Hammerhead with Railgun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multitracker 165

3 Deathrains 156
Twin-linked Missile Pods
1 Team Leader with Gun Drone

Total: 521

The idea is for me to sit back and open tanks so that Steve's gribblies to eat the squishy innnards.

This should come in handy practise for the regional Doubles tourney at Warhammer World in Febuary.

Friday, 19 November 2010

More Tau list changes

I've had my Tau for a few months now and I've some some success with them. I've tweaked the list a few times though. As people were telling me, I used Kroot for a bit but they never seemed to do much more than dieing so they were back out of the list. I did drop a devilfish and give the Pathfinders' fish to a Fire Warrior squad and I'm now running a Warfish set up and it seems to be working better, the extra shots and BS turn these guys into suprisingly nasty tanks. Wether or not I keep them that way remains to be seen becase this development is fairly new.

Its just a shame that the Kroot didn't work out for me, because I love thier fluff :(