Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Bat reps 2

Battle numero dos last night was against Paul, a Salamander player. I have to say they are soon becoming the new Ultramarines *shudder*.

Anywho, Paul has a very nice looking army and a great converted Vulkan that I dont have pictures because I FORGOT THE CAMERA! His army like this:


Terminator Libby with Gate of Infinity and Vortex

3 Drop Pods

2 HF/MM Land Speeders

3 Tactical Squads all melta's up

2 Rhinos

TH/SS Termies.


Iron Clad

Thunderfire Cannon with 1 Servitor

We rolled pitched battle and Annihlate. Nice and simple.

He won the roll off and went first, he set up in the centre of the board with the Vindicator and Thunderfire in a small ruin on to one side of the board that he reinforced with the techmarine. I was a bit wary of the Drop Pods so I chose to deploy nothing but my Tactical Squad in their Rhino on a hill on my far right. A nice tempting target for his army to go after. I wasn't sure if he would go for it but the plan worked, his Iron Clad and Tactical Squad came down close enough to the Rhino to put the hurt on it but all he managed to do was take off the Storm Bolter.

On My turn 2 I got both of my Predators which I brought on in the middle of my deployment zone, a lonely Typhoon, my Terminators and my Bikes, a good result.

At this point I'd like to point we had to rush the game because the store was closing so here are is the edited version: A very messy game, The bikes got through the Thunderfire, Servitor, Vindicator and Tactical Squad before dying, the Termies got really shot up and didn't do much apart from killing the Librarian. The game ended 7-6 to me, it was a close run thing and very messy.

Still I'm loving this new list :)

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