Friday, 19 November 2010

More Tau list changes

I've had my Tau for a few months now and I've some some success with them. I've tweaked the list a few times though. As people were telling me, I used Kroot for a bit but they never seemed to do much more than dieing so they were back out of the list. I did drop a devilfish and give the Pathfinders' fish to a Fire Warrior squad and I'm now running a Warfish set up and it seems to be working better, the extra shots and BS turn these guys into suprisingly nasty tanks. Wether or not I keep them that way remains to be seen becase this development is fairly new.

Its just a shame that the Kroot didn't work out for me, because I love thier fluff :(


  1. From my (limited) experience, the trick isn't to PREVENT the Kroot's deaths, but to maximise the opportunity it presents.

    Slowing the enemy's advance is the only REAL thing they can achieve against MEQS, but they can do it pretty well.

  2. Thats an interesting idea, I could let rip with both railguns and the SMS and wouldn't have to take the morale check when the drone dies. The question is this: is the extra shooting worth trading the extra survivablity? I need to play test this on thursday...