Friday, 2 April 2010

My Space Marine Army Rundown

Seeing as I have no Batreps or pictures to give you I thought that I could do a run down of my SM army for you guys to take apart. Here is the list:

Chaplain Cassius

Librarian w/ Null Zone and Smite

Assault Terminators (2 THSS/ 3 LC)

Land Raider Crusader w/ Multimelta and EA

2x Tactical Squad w/ ML MG Rhino + EA

3x Land Speeder Typhoons

Predator w/ Lascannon Sponsons
I think the idea is pretty clear, Libby, Cassius and Termies ride in the the LRC, Typhoons and Pred sit back and pop tanks, I tend to reserve my Tactical Squads so that they don't get killed early on.

My army has evolved quite a bit over the last year and a half that I've been back into the hobby and this version was built with Fritz' attack/support/defend idea for list building.


The massive hammer unit running up the field (LRC+TERMIES+CASSIUS)is a scary unit to face for lots of people. It is a do or die unit like Fire Dragons, if you don't kill the unit they will give you lots of grief. I chose Cassius over a normal Chaplain because he is point for point the best character in the book. If you are going to take a non-Terminator Chaplain take this guy. This unit can chew up most things and has enough survivability (if not speed) to walk across the table if needed.


I love my Typhoons, they rarely let me down. I found the best way to use them was to keep them separate, I know its more KPs but they really do work better this way. One Typhoon can blow up a Chimera or Wave Serpent and the other two can eat the squishy troops inside. Just remember that these guys are long range units, keep them as far from the enemy as possible or you might end up loosing the to rapid fire Bolters and such. The predator fills a similar role to the Land Speeders. It sits at the back and snipes transports and light armour, he can do a slightly better job because of the Lascannons but his LOS is usually more restricted. Finally the Librarian, he rarely gets out of the Land Raider, he sits inside popping off Null Zone to help the Terminators out and using his Psychic Hood to mess up the other player. If there aren't many Power Weapons about and I have a unit to hide him in, he might get out and start busting heads if he needs to.


Everybody knows that the Troops section of the codex is hardly the most exciting part of a codex. Still you have to take two troops and that's what I have done. I reserve these guys to make them last a bit longer. The first rhino to come in from reserves will normally make a b-line for a far away objective, the second will camp on mine and throw missiles out of the top hatch if needed. If its a kill point game then the squads go into reserve and sit at the back of the board shooting missiles at people. As you can tell, I'm not a fan of Tacticals.

That's my list and how I use it. It does well in most games but I do feel the the 1500 point standard in my shop does hurt this list but I am trying to change it for 1750 so I can squeeze more stuff in, probably another Predator and a Rifleman Dread.


  1. I edited it to be 3 LCs. I did try all THSS and all LC but found this to be the best mix. The survivability of all THSS was a bit wasted and I like the extra attacks at initiative of the LCs but recently I found that they sometimes lack the power to kill characters and now I can take on tougher things like MCs if I have to. I would rather be character hunting though.