Sunday, 13 June 2010

New begginings

After a huge chunk of life falling on me I have neglected this blog a bit. Not to worry though I'm back on the air and with some surprising news, I'm selling all my old stuff! Its up on ebay if you would like to buy, for example my Space Marine army:

But enough of me shamelessly plugging my own poor models and on to the good news! I'm starting afresh and joining the greater good. I have a few models but I'm working my way up to 1500pts before my magpie-esque shiney syndrome kicks in and I start a new army (a habit I'm trying to break, hence the ebaying...)

To start with, here is my Shas'el, I painted him for a speed painting competion and I'm quite pleased with the result, I think the bit of pressure helped me paint him fast and well, I've got the process in my head so the other suits will get done alot quicker. Anywho, here are the pictures:

I'll post list ideas and such later on.

1 comment:

  1. Looks pretty good - solid, crisp colours. :)

    Excellent speed painting job.