Monday, 13 December 2010

Doubles tourney results!

I'm sure you, my 13 loyal followers will rejoice at the news that me and my partner finished in second out of 7 teams, not bad I think :) I won a box of Seekers for my troubles. The list was entirely different from the oneposted here. The day before the tourney Steve had a brain wave that we should turn up with Nids and Eldar. This meant I didn't get to use ay of my own models but this was such an awesome combo I went with it.

Farseer with fortune.

6 Warlocks
-1 Spear
-1 Embolden
-1 Enhance
-1 Destructor

10 Termigants

Tervigon with Catalyst

5 Fire Dragon in Wave Serpent

2 Hive Gaurd

2 War Warwalkers

In the end we went 4-1. The winners were an IG and Nid comb with 2 Tevigons and a boat load of tanks. They were the least fun to play against ever. We coulod have probaly won the game if it werent for the staff member being so strict with time limits. Me and Steve only got to play 2 turns and they got to play 3 ut hey ho, we still placed after all :)

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