Sunday, 15 November 2009

Deffcoptas to the rescue!

Sorry about not posting for a while. Uni work and a camera on the blink has stopped me doing much to the blog for the past few days but here is a lil' post for you all.

I'm not sure why people don't much like Deffcoptas. When I use them they usualy do great. Dropping bombs on packed infantry, taking out light armour like Landspeeders and Vypers. Sure they don't hit most of the time and they are a little bit pricey but Turbo Boosting halfway across the board to contest an objective for the win is awesome. A bit of Fritz inspired "Turn five, I win". I like the strategy of holding my objective and contesting the others and I think it's the way forward. For one thing you don't need to take so many troops which lets you have lots of fun with all the other cool toys in a codex because lets face it, the troops section isn't the bit you look forward to reading.

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  1. Indeed!

    I'm currently an eldar player, but my next army will likely be orks... and I intend to run a bunch of deffcoptas. I think keeping some of that mobility will help me transition from one army to the next.

    It also doesn't hurt that you can get the Black Reach ones really cheap.