Thursday, 19 November 2009

Made up scenarios

The three pre made scenarios in the rulebook do provide a bit of variety for games but sometimes you need something completly different. I played a game a few weeks ago against a guard player and we managed to use the shop's lotr display board which convieniantly had a large wall section from a fortress. We decided that the objective was for the attackers to get one unit behind the wall at game end. There was a gate in the wall but we decided that the wall was AV13 and any glance or pen would bring a section down. I defended withmy marines but ultimatley lost because his Devildog brought a piece of wall down and snuck in.

Last week was the GW Christmas party. There they had the White Dwarf who was stupidly hard and had rules for all three game systems. This led to some interesting rule clahes but it was all good fun. Everyone took one model and whoever killed the White Dwarf won a prize from under the tree. I of course took my SAG mek, was there realy any other option? ;)

First turn I span up the gun and rolled a double 6! I couldn't believe my luck, I could wipe out the Dwarf and everything in contact with him (remember, WHFB people charge in the movement phase). But no, the Mek was obviously looking at the whirring know-whats and ended up blasting a Chaos Lord on a Dragon into the warp! I didn't kill the Dwark but it was so worth it to see the look on his face.

Competative-ness aside, these original scenarios and games are half the fun of 40k, go and create some and play them, try and make it fair and remember to KISS!

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