Wednesday, 28 October 2009

DFW Launches!

A little bit of history about what led to me making this blog. I'm a long time Mehreens and wanted to start something different. I had my eye on Eldar, not many people play them at my club and they looked like fun. So about 2 months ago I had a 1000pt army ready, I rolled up to my GW for the vets night and looked in horror as 4 other people were playing Eldar. I tried to stick with them but Eldar Vs Eldar is about as much fun as SM Vs SM. Back to the drawing board...

Cue da Orks! When I first started the hobby I got a Warboss and an Ork Battleforce. Being the little kid I was then I never even had the codex and they fell by the wayside as I discovered Mehreens. Rooting through some old carry boxes about a week ago I found the remains of those lost Orks and like a Mek dreaming of a Gargant, I had the idea to start up my Orks again. Now there wasn't much I could salvage from the old boyz, I have managed to get some and my old Warboss which I promptly repainted.

The inspiration for the blog came from reading Fritz', TKE's and Jawaballs' blogs among others and one night I started to get delusions of granduer about doing something of my own and here is the result, a blog to chart my progress with the Orks and with a title suggested by the nice people over at I'm set to go.

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