Thursday, 29 October 2009

My first game!

I had my first game yesterday. No pictures for this game though, I forgot the camera (oops...).

My list isn't what I would want at 1000 points, its just 1000 points of whatever I have. So here is the run down.

PK, BP, Squig,'eavy Armour and Cybork Body.


Nobz x5
All have 'eavy armour, huge choppas and sluggas.
1 Waaagh! banner and 1 painboy.

26 chappa boys
1 Nob with PK and BP

22 Shoota Boyz
1 Nob with PK and BP
2 Big Shootas

3 Deffcoptas
Twin linked Rokkits
3 Big Bombs

Against my friends Jams' Eldar

Seer Council
Doom/Fortune Farseer
3 Destructor Warlocks

6 Scorpions With Exarch

4 Jetbikes with 1 shuricannon

2 Vypers with shuricannons

12 storm guardians
2 flamers
1 destructor warlock

5 pathfinders

2 lots of 5 Dire Avengers with Dire Sword Exarchs

We rolled Spearhead and bases. Going into the game I was a little worried because I didn't have a good camping option for my home objective. As long as I held it I was confident I could at least pull a draw. In the end I left my shoota boyz there with my SAG mek. That way I would have plenty of ablative wounds for my Mek and if he tried to claim my objective I would be able to give him a rough time of it. My Nobz went with the Warboss and were on a mission to hunt down his seer council while the choppa boyz wwould head straight for the objective to try and claim or contest the other objective and if push came to shove I would have my deffcopters swoop in for the contest.

I deployed and went first, not much to do except move forward. SAG Mek fired at the Avengers camping on his objective but failed to kill any of them. Deffcopters turbo boosted over the same squad and dropped the bombs failing to kill them again. The Eldar turn saw lots more movement and my boyz taking lots of hits but they were still ok.

Turn 2. I moved close to the Eldar, close enough that if I Waaagh!ed (eh?) I could reach them. So Waaagh! I did, he wasn't expecting this and I smashed my Boss into the council and my Choppa boyz into the Scorpions. Needless to say I won both combats well. Sag Mek missed again and almost hit the Coptas, coptas imobilised a Vyper. On the Eldar turn I suffered a bit, the storm Guardians laid the hurt on the nobz killing two of them with the flamers and Destructor, when they charged they didn't do so well but they did tie them up for a while. The other DAs charged my Choppa boyz but were cut down by the Nobz' Power Klaw.

The rest of the game saw my Choppas get whittled down to just 8 Orks by those Pathfinders and Vypers and the Storm Guardians kill another Nob. I managed to destroy both of the Vypers and the SAG still managed to do nothing. The Nobz and Choppaz killed the DAs on the objective claiming it for the win.

This battle could of gone alot worse and I think if the Council hadn't fluffed most of their attacks they could of done alot worse, especialy if they managed to get the destructors down and denied me the charge, I love the Warboss though, he's tough as hell!

I hadn't expected the list to do so well seeing as it was just what I had plus a pile of upgrades but oh well, I'll have to put it to the test more before I can realy make a Judgment. Today I had a rematch, I had the camera with me so I'll have pics for the batrep.

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