Saturday, 31 October 2009

Lootas and Warbikers.

I have been thinking about these two units for my 1500pt army. I can only use one of them. The rest of list will be 3 boy mobs in 3 battlewagons with a SAG mek and some grots hold my home objective. This leaves me with about 230 points to play with iirc. There are two options that I can see will be usefull.

Unit 1:
9 Warbikers
Nob with BP+PK

Fast enough to keep up with battlewagons and can quickly come to the aid of a boy mob if needed. The also have quite a bit of fire power. Can move to contset objectives if needed.

Are basicaly a tiny boyz mob, vulnerable to morale checks and won't perfom that well in cc despite the Klaw due to low numbers.

Unit 2:
Lootas mob

Immense amount of firepower. Hard to root out when in cover. Will be a favourable target for outflankers which could help the gretchin last longer if deployed far apart.

Low numbers make them vulnerable to morale checks like the Warbikers. Suck in combat. Will get shot to hell and back.

All things told its about even and I don't realy know what to do. Both have advantages that could be useful but I'm not sure what I need.

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone!

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